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Atlas Packaging Corporation is one of the leading contract packaging companies in the Southeast, specializing in filling liquids, pastes and other difficult to handle products in squeeze tubes and rigid containers. At Atlas Packaging we specialize in automotive aftermarket products and a variety of maintenance compounds, from water-like materials to high viscosity products. The following categories outline just some of our capabilities:

  1. Adhesives, glues, silicones and metal repair epoxies
  2. Cream hardeners and catalysts such as MEKP, used with auto body fillers
  3. Maintenance products, lubricants, greases and hand cleaners
  4. Paints and pigments
  5. Specialty compounds

We fill millions of squeeze and metal tubes and syringes with anywhere from a few grams to almost 14 ozs of material, of various viscosities. We also fill all size rigid containers, including bottles, quarts and gallon jugs.

Besides contract packaging, we offer turnkey projects.

Our efficient and high speed operations combined with the expertise of our most dedicated and experienced personnel, enable us to offer THE MOST COMPETITIVE PRICES. No job is too small for us.

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